SEO for Early-Stage Startups: How to Get Found in Competitive SERPs


SEO for Early-Stage Startups: How to Get Found in Competitive SERPs

Early-stage startups typically don't have the budget to compete against established brands for top keyword terms. Learn what to do instead.

A Big Change Is Coming In SEO (You Have 3-6 Months To Prepare!) #shorts #seo

SEO For Startups Get In The Game

Presented by: Alison Cromie
Getting found in search is something every business should be thinking about from day one. SEO is a long game and the sooner you can implement good strategies, the sooner you will start seeing results. Come learn about the simple tactics you can implement now to make sure your business is getting found as quickly as possible.

09 08 20. SEO For Startups Get In The Game. Sales & Marketing Track

Nick Frost �� SEO for Startups

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How Google fought search spam on Google in 2021

Google caught 200 times more spam sites in 2021 compared to when they first started nearly two decades ago,

Thanks, in part, to their AI-based spam-prevention system called SpamBrain.

Link to the blog post below.

2 Google events are happening next month that you should all attend.

Google I/O and Google Marketing Live Registration are now open.

The link is in the description.

Dixon Jones shares his BrightonSEO presentation on How to EAT Links.

Let’s check out the main takeaway.

I love to EAT everything.

It’s an excellent foundation for any marketing strategy.

Dixon drops a couple of backlink nuggets in the presentation, so watch the whole video.

How to produce content that contains entities that are closely related to a topic by Marie Haynes

I will discuss analyzing the SERPs in SEO in the 2022 book.

If you are in the US, please email me your address, and I will send a copy to the first three that hit me up.

Nathan Gotch put out a video this past week on expired domains called the Merger Technique for SEO

Expired domains have always been a part of my SEO strategy.

When I need a link, the first thing I do is a keyword search on

And spend a few minutes seeing what domains are available.

Ross Simmonds, a past guest who dropped many knowledge bombs, shares how to Build a Customer Journey Map.

I love this idea of creating content around “problem awareness.”

My next SEO strategy will include this tactic.

Check out Ross’s episode on the SEO Video Show.

It was full of knowledge bombs.

Speaking of content, this brings me to my favorite part of the show.

But before I introduce our guest, here is a word from our sponsor.


Nick is an advisor and startup entrepreneur from Hollywood, CA

He served with the US Navy for five years.

He is the founder of AngelHack, StartupList and Advsor

He is the Startup Index Newsletter writer, helping founders raise money through the DocSend Fundraising Network.

Please welcome the senior audience development manager at Dropbox Docsend, Nick Frost!


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It’s not so complicated: SEO for early stage startups

What Nicholas Jordan has found is that the No 1 ranking factor is not backlinks.

It is User Engagement metrics:
�� time on site,
�� pages visited,
�� bounce rate,
�� return visitor,
�� branded searches

In just 15 minutes, we simplify SEO for early stage startups.

You’ll hear about:
✅ how an article with 200+ ranking factors can be misleading
✅ understanding what Google wants to rank for any keyword
✅ accountability in the SEO industry, and KPIs such as indexing and impressions
✅ high quality content production (BOFU and TOFU)

Listen to the full episode here:

#peoplehelpingpeople #getgrowing


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