SEO For Membership Sites: Getting Around The Paywall


SEO For Membership Sites: Getting Around The Paywall

Should your content be behind a paywall? Find out how you can balance free and premium content to rank in organic search.

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AI chatbots like Bing Chat and Google Bard are changing the way that people search…and the way your website appears in search. We’re here to make sure you’re ready to take on this new type of ranking.

⏲ Timestamps
00:00 — AI Chatbots
01:35 — What’s Changing?
09:17 — How to Rank in AI Chatbots

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How to bypass a paywall. (The New York Times website as an Example.)

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In this video, I show you how to very easily bypass The New York Times websites paywall so that you can read the articles.

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Membership Website SEO: The Basics & Beyond

Search engine optimization is an essential component to grow the recurring revenue for membership websites. Join us for a webinar on Membership Website SEO hosted by Lindsay Halsey of Pathfinder SEO.

In this webinar, Halsey will walk us through the basics of SEO for membership websites along with specific strategies you can deploy at any stage of your business, including:
– The Basics: How does search engine optimization work?
– Restricting Content & SEO
– Repurposing Content
– SEO Tools

Lindsay Halsey is a co-founder of Pathfinder SEO. She has over 10 years of experience working in SEO with small to large businesses. Lindsay focuses on teaching site owners, freelancers, and agencies how to get found on Google via a guided approach to SEO. Stay in touch on Twitter – @linds_halsey.

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0:00 – Introduction
2:32 – SEO 101: A quick introduction to search engine optimization
5:50 – The Four Pillars of SEO: Technical SEO, Content, On-Site Optimization, Off-Site SEO
11:52 – Restricting Content and SEO: Strike a balance between free and paid content.
21:25 – Limit Post Views Add On: Get paywalled content indexed by Google –
26:40 – Q &A
36:44 – Repurpose Your Content: Get every last drop of value from what you create.
39:09 – SEO Tools: Free services, WordPress SEO plugins, SEO software
47:22 – Guided SEO with Pathfinder:
50:23 – Thank you offer from Pathfinder SEO and additional Q &A

Membership Sites 101: Everything You Need to Know to Start Your Own! (2022)

Membership sites. Maybe you’ve heard the term, but in any case you’ve probably used at least one of them by now. Netflix, online publications, courses, subscription boxes, all of these fall under that umbrella.

It’s pretty much any site where people have to sign up to access all, or just some, of your content. A “Paywalled” or “gated” website is another way to describe it.

Your site content can be free, cost money, or both.

The members-only content, which can be your whole site or just parts of it, is hidden behind a gate slash paywall, and only site members can get it.

A gate is just a barrier you build into your site that blocks non-members from accessing certain content. Once you’ve got the barrier in place, your site members can bypass it by logging in.

People can purchase a membership, which outlines how much they pay (if it isn’t free) and what content they get. Once they purchase or sign up, their account gives them access to content behind the gate.

When we talk about content, we can mean all kinds of things:

Subscriptions, digital products, physical products, podcasts, blog posts, eBooks, white papers, images, audio content, videos, online courses, coaching sessions, community forums, virtual conferences, and much more!

Pretty much any area of expertise or interest can be turned into a membership site. At MemberPress, we strive to help small businesses leverage the membership model to achieve their goals.

In this video, I’ll break down what a membership site is and show you how you can start your own.

► Timestamps ⏱️
00:00 Intro to membership/paywalled/gated websites
00:19 What is a membership site?
02:08 Who can start a membership site?
02:48 Niche examples
03:04 Content
04:52 Benefits of starting a membership site
06:10 Membership models
09:17 Pricing models
12:17 Year round vs fixed/limited enrollment
13:02 Free content and the Freemium model
13:41 Content delivery
14:43 Membership site examples
17:20 How to get started
19:07 Tips and tricks
20:41 Conclusion

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How to Know Which Membership Model is Best for Your Business

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Note: Statements of fact and membership site examples are up to date and accurate to the best of our abilities as of December 22, 2021. Details, pricing, design, etc are all subject to change.

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MemberPress is a WordPress membership site plugin and LMS that makes it easy to charge your users for access to content and digital products such as software, e-books, and online courses you create.

MemberPress gives you the ability to confidently create, manage, and analyze membership subscriptions, online courses, and digital products. In addition to these powerful features, MemberPress allows you to grant and revoke access to posts, pages, categories, tags, feeds, communities, and digital files based on what products your users have purchased or subscribed to.

Since MemberPress is built on top of WordPress, you can create powerful and compelling membership sites that leverage all the tremendous features of WordPress and WordPress plugins, including content management, forums, and communities.


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